Shower #1

My sister and sisters-in-law threw Julie and I a wonderful joint shower over Christmas. It was for family and fellow Batesvillians that know Julie and I equally. It was really fun to have everyone under the same roof!

As usual, everything was so nicely decorated and fun.


These were the cakes, which I LOVED.


Can you tell us apart?


Carey always likes to put labels on the cups at parties, and I think they are so cute!


I snapped this picture before some of the food had been set out, but I still thought it looked yummy and festive.


I had the privilege of growing up with several “second mothers” in addition to my own wonderful mother, and here are two of them. Ms. Sandra and Ms. Judy. They are more special to me than they will ever realize.


Here’s a fun pic of mom-to-be-Julie, my cousin Alexandra (not looking at camera), Ashley, and Georgette.


I was so honored that all of these people sacrificed time on the Sunday after Christmas to come shower us with love!

I love this picture of my cousins Alexandra and Susan, Aunt Martha, and Susan’s twin girls Isabella and Gabriella.


Aren’t they so pretty?

Julie thought I was waaaaaay too slow at opening presents.


She would pull out tissue paper from gift bags with a dramatic flair and fling it to the ground, and I would be over there folding mine so I could use it again. We seriously couldn’t be more different. It was funny to see the differences highlighted as we sat side by side and opened gifts.

Stacy made the cutest monogrammed gifts for me!


Julie is not sharing her name until her baby boy is born, but we’ve been telling and therefore get to receive our monogrammed gifts NOW. Take that, Julie! Ha!

Speaking of monogrammed gifts! Holy moly! Check out this quilt Ms. Sandra made for us!


I am still amazed by all of the work that must have gone in to it. What a special heirloom this will be! I am still going to use it, though – it’s washable and it is the perfect weight and size. I love it so much.

Julie and I took pictures together while she was home – I can’t believe this will be the only time we document us being pregnant at the same time!


I am due February 26 (one month from today!) and she is due March 30. They will both be here before we know it! We are both having boys, so I am really glad my niece is so girly. She is severely outnumbered!

Thanks to Carey, Lori, and Stacy for a wonderful shower! We appreciated it so much.

10 thoughts on “Shower #1

  1. This looks so fun! That quilt is amazing! And I love the name you picked! We like that name a lot too. Now I’m a little sad that I don’t live anywhere near people who would throw me a shower, some mythical day when I become pregnant.

  2. What a fun party! The quilt is wonderful! Don’t you feel sorry for our children, since the art of quilting has pretty much stopped with our generation? I love the old quilts that my great grandmother made!
    How fun that you guys can be pregnant at the same time. That’s a really special gift. And you both look beautiful!

  3. I love that you and Julie are pregnant at the same time! The quilt is beautiful. We have several from my dad’s mother that are so special and I know your quilt for Owen will be also.
    I’m going to say your the baby girl on the cake with red dots. =)

  4. Wow! What a beautiful quilt! I can feel all the love and wishes that were sewn with each stitch.

    Thanks for sharing your fun shower. (Wish I could have crashed it for some of that cake!) Love the photo of you and Julie together.

  5. Love it and u and I can not wait!!! You talk bout ur blessings but u and julie are definitely two of my best blessings. Gotta go I feel a tear!

  6. Hey there! How are you holding up? Been thinking about you a lot lately and praying for you too. You’re almost there! Can’t wait to hear the news that Owen has arrived! You’re going to do GREAT! (and you’re going to LOVE being a Momma!)

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